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EdgeWare™ ZFS OS, a 64-bit, Solaris operating system developed by Cutting Edge, is a storage-centric, easy-to-use, network file system.

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Cutting Edge Networked Storage, an El Cajon, California based developer of EdgeWare ZSS has, for over two decades, created custom and semi-custom storage-based systems for its customers. We skillfully combine, into a complete system that will serve your needs, computer hardware plus software plus storage.

The company has evolved through a number of technologies. The latest and greatest is something called ZFS.  The ZFS file system was originally created by Sun Microsystems. Cutting Edge did not invent it… it is simply taking what is there and making it better.

Why do you care? If you are in a market that creates what is commonly called “big data” such as video content, a ZFS based system is the very best (both technically and economically) solution available. Said differently, Cutting Edge can build a custom or semi-custom solution for you that will economically allow you to store and retrieve literally up to petabytes of video content.

The EdgeWare ZSS solution is another example of Cutting Edge’s over two decade history of being a leading provider of open standards storage hardware and storage optimized OS software.

The demand for video storage growth never ends.  The EdgeWare ZSS Storage Solution solves both the technical and economic challenges inherent in large-scale video surveillance systems. With ZFS technology, our storage system can easily scale in size to petabytes in a single file system.

It can also give you ultimate flexibility. Let’s say… for example… your needs are small right now. That’s fine. When your business (and data storage needs) explodes, Cutting Edge’s ZSS-based storage system can seamlessly expand to serve your growing needs.

Our proprietary network attached storage solution has an enterprise operating system based on the Illuminos kernel with a customized user interface.  The current release supports CIFS, FTP and NFS protocols.

EdgeWare ZSS Video Storage Solutions have been throughly tested and verified to support leading video management applications from Genetec, Milestone and OnSSI. Over 1.5PB of EdgeWare ZSS Video Storage systems have been installed in mutiple correctional facilites thoughtout the western United States and Canada supporting thousands of IP and analog cameras.

Support for unlimited camera quantity and resolutions with increased bandwidth capabilities.

  • Our design allows you to be able to scale up for future video capture requirements and longer retention periods.
  • All video content can (optionally) be stored in one large pool for ease of maintenance, management and access over the life of the unit.
  • All EdgeWare ZSS based systems are designed to easily integrate into existing network infrastructures and most video surveillance systems.
  • Built in “Copy on Write” feature provides superior data protection and prevents data corruption.
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