Cutting Edge Video Management Plus Servers

  • The VMS systems are purpose built for small to large sized video surveillance projects ranging from 50 to 500 cameras with extended video retention requirements

Leading video management software applications are supported with our ready storage platform. The product line was purpose built for medium to large scale video surveillance projects with value and performance in mind. This system is highly customizable to meet the most challenging requirements without breaking IT or security department budgets. The VMS line’s scalability and bandwidth is suitable for up to 100 cameras and 1.2PBs of storage. The product warranty is 5 years.

Video Management Server Plus - VMS-P436

The VMS-P436 Video Management Server supports most of the popular video management software packages available on the market with built in expandability features. Up to 360TB of storage is available in the 4U footprint base chassis. Additional 4U footprint expansion chassis allow for an additional 440TB bringing the combined storage capacity to 800TB.

  • Dual Intel E5v4 Processors
  • 4U Footprint with 36x 3.5″ hotswap drive bays with an additional 2x 2.5″ hotswap bays for the OS and video management software. Optional 4U footprint expansion chassis with 44x 3.5″hotswap drive bays available.
  • High Efficiency Redundant Power Supplies

Video Management Server Plus - VMS-P660

The VMS-P660 Video Management Server is a modular storage system consisting of a 2U storage server and a 4U dual expander 12Gb/s 60 bay expansion chassis. The 2U storage server housed the OS and VMS as well as any SSDs used for caching. The VMS-P660 system offer up to 600TB of storage.

  • Dual Intel E5v4 Processors
  • 6U total footprint with 60x 3.5″ hotswap drive bays with an additional 8x 3.5″ hotswap bays for the OS, video management software, and additional caching SSDs.
  • Up to 600TB of storage

Video Management Server Plus - VMS-P10120

The VMS-P10120 Video Management Server is our largest VMS platform system. Offering up to 1.2PB in a 10 formfactor. The VMS-P10120 consist of a 2U storage node with two 4U 60 bay expansion chassis for a total 10U footprint. Each expansion chassis is connected to its own RAID controller to provide enhanced performance.

  • Up to 1.2PB of storage in a 10U foot print
  • Dual Intel E5v4 Processors
  • Dual expander 12Gb/s expansion chassis with redundant power supplies for maximum fault tolerance.

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