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Modern high definition IP video surveillance systems generate massive amounts of critical, access-sensitive data. Capturing, protecting, accessing and mobilizing this data is paramount and a very challenging task for traditional IT infrastructure. Traditional white box video servers and storage solutions, including DAS (NVR), SAN, NAS, are not designed for write intensive IP video surveillance workloads. The IP video server is the heart of any video surveillance project. With multi-camera installations, long-term video retention and requirements for high-resolution footage for playback, it is clear reliable data storage is essential.

Cutting Edge has purpose-built networked storage solutions that deliver the performance, protection and resiliency that these hyper modern surveillance systems require. Our Video Surveillance Servers empower you to ensure your client can capture and access 1000‘s of IP cameras, simultaneously with maximum throughput and zero downtime. Cutting Edge’s Networked Storage solutions combine best in class leading edge advancements, on a foundation of tried and true solutions, to deliver the highest performing, most highly available video surveillance storage available. Best of all our solutions are built for write-intensive 24/7 video surveillance workloads.

Cutting Edge Networked Storage delivers performance, protection and resilience optimized storage solutions at scale, purpose built to meet the rigorous demands of IP Video Surveillance.

Video Surveillance Solutions


VMS storage server

VMS Video Management Servers deliver exceptional performance and reliability for critical video surveillance installations that require high definition video feeds and continuous access for up to 100 cameras. Run all leading Video Management Software with built-in video storage.


VSS video surveillance storage

When your security and surveillance project demands the utmost scalability, guaranteed uptime and blazing performance, while still remaining on time and under budget the VSS Video Storage Server platform is the leading large scale, purpose-built video surveillance storage system in the market. Supports over 300 cameras.


network video recorder NVR

For remote video surveillance pods, smaller scale deployments and video surveillance and security applications where performance and reliability are the key decision points. Easily stream up to 64 IP camera feeds with ease and applomb.

VMS Plus

VMS storage server

VMSP Video Management Servers Plus provide a high performance platform for VMS with extended video retention capacity via high capacity scalable storage for up to 200 cameras

video surveillance storage certified