Cutting Edge Power Saving Cloud Archive

Cost‐effective High‐density Storage Solution.

power saving cloud architecture

The Power Saving Cloud Archive (PSCA) from Cutting Edge Networked Storage is ideal for organizations of all sizes and types that are struggling to deal with a relentlessly rising flood of data. This challenge is made especially difficult by the shift toward more unstructured, file‐based data (such as video, images, etc.) and by the need for longer retention times. Many organizations are grappling with a rapidly rising quantities of “long‐tailed” data that must be stored for long periods of time but is rarely accessed after the initial file creation. The Power Saving Cloud Archive is an enterprise class, high performance file server solution ideal for critical data applications that require dedicated, expandable and affordable network attached storage.

The Power Saving Cloud Archive is powered by Cutting Edge’s 5th generation field proven EdgeWare Unified Storage OS, a fully integrated 64‐bit Linux operating environment customized for storage based operations. EdgeWare is designed to maximize NAS and SAN performance and efficiency with a storage‐centric operating system and heterogeneous network file system that is both easy‐to‐use and easy‐to‐support. EdgeWare offers complete NAS and SAN functionality in a unified storage solution, coupled with best‐in‐class performance, versatility, and security.

Benefits of Power Saving Cloud Archive:

Compact High‐density Storage:

36TB of RAID‐6 protected data storage in each Long Term Storage Node (LTSN)

Scalable Capacity and Performance:

Designed for maximum scalability, flexibility, and adaptability to meet a full range of data archiving requirements

Low Acquisition Cost:

Designed to use standards‐based, inexpensive components to deliver maximum value. PSCA based storage is less expensive than most tape libraries while offering increased performance, flexibility, and availability of disk‐based systems

Fast Data Access Time:

PSCA can provide the speed of disk at the price of tape. PSCA represents a major breakthrough in simplifying and improving the data retrieval process without incurring any increase in storage infrastructure costs.

Reduced Power Usage:

With power costs already representing more than half of overall IT costs and still escalating, perhaps the most important impact of PSCA is the ability to drive down power usage for storage archives by as much as 90 percent.

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