Cutting Edge Integrated Storage Servers (ISS)

The ISS product line is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that require the functionality of Network Attached Storage (NAS) and/or iSCSI (IP Storage Area Networks, IPSANs).

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Available in versions from 1U in size, up to 4U, the Integrated Storage Servers can deliver up to 108 terabytes of storage. Multiple Integrated Storage Servers can be controlled by EdgeWare, to provide even higher storage capacities. The servers are true, 64 bit servers, using multi-core 64 bit processors. Because they are connected to EdgeWare, the Integrated Storage Servers deliver very high performance. The servers offer extremely easy setup, flexible file management, sustained high-speed operation and utmost reliability. Integrated Storage Servers offer redundant power supplies, multiple levels of RAID, have Hot Swap and Hot Spare capabilities, and the EdgeWare OS, providing for a wide range of data integrity tools.

Built for mission critical applications like RAID protected centralized multi-protocol storage, remote replication, remote mirroring and data repositories, ISS speeds data access. It integrates network file sharing and network block level access into a single unit, reducing the burden of storage consolidation and file sharing in heterogeneous networks. For added data protection, ISS servers can be mirrored, enabling failover switching between units should one unit fail.

Additionally, both the ISS and the Modular Storage Servers (MSS) cansupport multiple network interface cards (NICs). With support for 1Gb and 10 Gb Ethernet, and the ability to link NICs for improved performance, ISS and MSS can deliver data transfer rates that rival or exceed those of Enterprise level storage systems.

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