Networked Storage Solutions Purpose-Built To Scale

We are your Storage Partner

Cutting Edge Networked Storage delivers performance, protection and resilience optimized storage solutions at scale, purpose built to meet the rigorous demands of the Geospatial, Video Surveillance and Government industries.  Our personalized, white glove service and superb warranty support ensures your long-term success. We are Solution Agile, and our technological dexterity delivers uniquely well integrated leading edge technology into a purpose-built tried and true solution. Storage is all we do, and we do it better. Harness the power of focus.

Networked Storage

EdgeWare ZFS

edgewise storage OS ZFS

EdgeWare Storage OS enables organizations to manage all storage systems as NAS, iSCSI or Fiber Channel storage. EdgeWare is designed to function as an iSCSI or Fiber channel target, allowing Cutting Edge storage devices to attach easily to existing iSCSI or Fiber Channel storage environments.

Video Surveillance

Viper video surveillance storage server

The Viper NVR Ready systems are purpose built for large scale video surveillance projects with affordability and expandability in mind. This appliance is designed and manufactured specically to support leading Enterprise IP Video Management System applications. Video Surveillance Storage Solutions.


PSCA power saving cloud archive

The Power Saving Cloud Archive (PSCA) from Cutting Edge Networked Storage is ideal for organizations of all sizes and types that are struggling to deal with a relentlessly rising flood of data. Save power, reduce costs, store more. Total operational savings are maximized.


storage server

The ISS product line is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that require the functionality of Network Attached Storage (NAS) and/or iSCSI (IP Storage Area Networks, IPSANs).


RAIDStor infortrend storage

Entry-level to Powerful ESVA 1GbE or 10GbE iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or hybrid of both 1GbE and FC host connectivities with 6Gb SAS drive support. Features the full range of ESVA data services.


MSS modular storage server

The Cutting Edge MSS is designed for business data growth and complex storage management in the data center. The MSS is fully redundant, delivering dual power supplies and hot-spare drives with virus protection.